A List Of 10 Up-To-Date Dissertation Topics In Education

Education is an interesting research area. There are plenty of dissertation topics to choose from. If you have no idea where to start from, it makes sense to find a list of sample topic ideas and study it carefully. To save your time, pay your attention to the up-to-date suggestions provided below.

The Dissertation Topics in Education Worthy Considering

Consider the following 10 dissertation topic ideas:

  1. Lesson planning: how to make it more effective?
  2. Select a few technologies, try both, and compare their effectiveness in terms of the quality of the lessons.

  3. Safety issues: how to protect students from low-quality online study resources?
  4. Determine what safety problems students can face on the Internet and how it is possible to eliminate potential risks.

  5. Bullying issue in high school: the main causes and potential effects.
  6. Analyze the main causes of bullying and identify the potentially negative effects for both parties.

  7. Self-management skills: the role of a teacher.
  8. Describe vital self-management skills and discuss the role of a teacher who should help students develop those skills.

  9. Students with special needs: can a common strategy fit them all?
  10. Find and analyze a few strategies that are employed in different educational facilities. Suggest how those strategies could be improved.

  11. School attendance: should students be allowed to miss classes without penalties?
  12. Provide the teacher’s opinion toward the problem. Explain your own position on whether a student can pass a course if he or she missed 50 % of the classes.

  13. The role of parents in education: should they help their children do homework?
  14. Discuss whether parents should be involved in the educational process. Analyze key up-to-date arguments.

  15. Using Web 2.0 tools: the benefits vs. harm.
  16. List the widely-used Web 2.0 tools. Determine the main benefits and harm to the learning process.

  17. Plagiarism and education: why do students cheat?
  18. Describe what plagiarism is and explain why it is inappropriate. Write about the main reasons why students cheat.

  19. Censorship in schools: is this a problem in modern schools?
  20. Consider why schools may face censorship and what the effects of such a suppression of information are.

Final Comments

You can compose an interesting dissertation about the current trends in education, effective learning and teaching techniques, modern classroom, and so on. It is recommended that you pick a topic that you feel passionate about, change a focus if you want to, and ensure that you have enough sources to support your hypothesis. For more assistance, visit your professor, his or her assistant or order a cheap dissertation from credible writing help site.

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