Organizing Your Dissertation Defense Presentation – 10 Tips To Consider

Writing a dissertation is an intrinsically laborious job. It tasks you on various premises. However the joy that you feel on completing it is almost indescribable. You give it a final touch with a fool-proof presentation; it also tends to make the paper warmer.

Here are the tips you should consider while organizing the presentation –

  1. Pick out the points – Collect the mentioned points in a figurative rosary and these will be the starting steps of your presentation.
  2. The sequential way – Ascertain the more emphatic points and give it prominence. The other points should follow seamlessly in your presentation.
  3. Font and background – The chosen font should be clearly readable for those who have slightly blurry vision. The background should be mute so it doesn’t interfere with the text.
  4. White spaces – The slides should be relatively easy on the eye. You should not fill it indiscriminately with details. There should be a degree of smoothness about it.
  5. Images and graphics – The quotes, tiles and images should be intelligently inserted so as to keep the listeners amused and interested. It should not be a boring session after all.
  6. The culmination – The culmination should be strong and compact. The audience should be propelled to think your way. There should be a definite urge towards solutions.
  7. Strong presentation – You must not stammer or hesitate while placing the emergent points. You will have to maintain eye contact, just giving a cursory glance to the sliders or PC.
  8. Preparation needed – You shall not do it extempore or on the go. There needs to be an elaborate preparation in front of friends or the mirror, till you are confident you can deliver.
  9. The strong argument – You should also endeavor to pick up a counter-argument which you will quell in the passage of your presentation. This passes well with the audience and gives your work an authoritative impression.
  10. A new direction – Your presentation should come across as something which gives a new direction to the topical theme. When you orate that eloquently, you make a strong impact on the listeners.

Keep an intense schedule

It is understandably quite hectic to accord same gumption and endeavor to the presentation when you have already fought tooth and nail over the dissertation. It is much like holding to the tail when the elephant is past you.

However, this should not discount the importance of presentation in any way. Make an earnest attempt to equate the prowess of your texts with your spoken words. If you once need a paper sample, visit

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