Picking Up Strong Dissertation Topics In International Business

International business is one of the easiest subjects that you can ever have to present a dissertation in. The reason for this is because everything that you want to write about is really easy to come across. This is actually one of the easiest papers that you can do some research on. There is an endless list of sources and resources out there that you can use for this paper, and it will be even better for you when you know where to start your research.

Over the years there are so many businesses that have advanced and developed, and this has made it easier for so many of them to improve into the international scale. This kind of expansion in itself is a good concept that you can present for your paper.

To help you out with some incredible research paper topics on international business, the following are some ideas that you can look into, and use them accordingly to make your custom term paper one of the best that your teacher might get to mark so far:

  • Discuss the role that religion has to play in international business
  • Explain how the unbalance of power affects a lot of businesses, and use the League of Nations as your case example
  • Discuss how Apple Inc. is affected by the lawsuits that have been wedged against them by Samsung over intellectual property rights
  • Discuss how Samsung is affected by the lawsuits that have been wedged against them by Apple Inc. over intellectual property rights
  • Explain the concept of international trade, and discuss how the advancement in technology has played an important role in this
  • Discuss global management in South Africa, and explain why it is considered a brilliant market for business expansion
  • With an emphasis on the Brazilian economy, highlight some of the factors that stand out based on the Porter theory analysis
  • Discuss how a free trade area makes a boom for business, while at the same time hurting other economies that are not able to adapt so fast
  • Discuss some of the issues of concern in the development of the European Community
  • Discuss the challenges that are faced in the world today, with the ever increasing grasp of China in different industries
  • What are some of the common challenges that are associated with outsourcing certain departments to countries like India and the rest of the developing nations?

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